Tuesday, September 04, 2012

frog legs

Chinatowns in north America cities are similar in many ways.  You will see the places with roasted ducks and pigs hanging in the window, dim sum places, noodle shops and Chinese markets / grocery stores.  But there are certainly subtle differences.  For example, you can get live seafood in most Chinatown in large cities, but you can also get live poultry and frogs in the one in San Francisco.  Not that I have purchased live chicken or squab when I lived in SF, and I don't eat frogs that often, but here in Toronto, you can only get those things dead.  And frogs only comes in frozen packages.

I got these beautiful flat green beans from the farmer's market and I want to make paella style rice.  Instead of using rabbit (didn't want to get a whole rabbit, that is the only way they are available around here) or chicken, I thought it might be interesting to try frog legs.

With frozen anything, it is a crapshoot.  These guys are small, and they were cheap, so I wasn't expecting a whole lot.  The dish turned out nice, but the frog legs were pretty flavorless and didn't add much to the dish.  I will probably just stick with chicken next time ....

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