Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Had a chance to spend a few days in Dublin last week to attend a conference.  This is one fantastic city.  Very easy to walk around, nice folks, and unbelievable amount of pubs.  

And the stereotype is somewhat evident during my evenings of exploring.  While most people seemed like they are having a good time responsibly, the number of dudes shitface out of their gore were a bit high, but it is possible I was just a bit more sensitive to it due to the reputation.  

One very cool thing about being in an old country is that just about any random pubs you stumble into could be housed in a distinctive and beautiful old building or room.  I was also initially stunned by the lack of tall buildings in this city, but it make sense that a high rise condo somewhere will totally fuck up the cityscape that is pretty sweet as is.  

While at the higher end, you will find nice meals (I had a pretty good dinner at a place called Pig Ear, I was disappointed they didn't have pig ears in any of the dishes though), the food tend to be a bit blend for my taste at the more affordable places I went to.  Great ingredients were evident all over though if a bit light on the vegetable side, I had very fresh seafood, nice meats and great dairy products.  Perhaps I just didn't explore enough to find great meals at manageable prices.  Next time.   

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