Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I live in one of those building that has trash chute on each floor, two chutes, one for normal trash the other for recycling, located in a little room with a door. For things larger that won't fit in the chute, residents are supposed to take it down to the basement and deposit that shit in the large bins in the trash rooms.

simple enough, and people on my floor seem to be following this general guideline. but in the last few months, large cardboard boxes, and other random pieces of stuff that do not fit down the chute start to appear in this little room. The building staff would kindly clear this shit away, but the pattern continues. It is really fucking annoying because it clogs up this room and that makes the normal trash disposal difficult. what is even more weird and fucked up is that some of the stuff that is not putting down the chute are actually really trash (not just boxes) that rot and smell. Long story short, the trash chute/room on our floor are often inaccessible and fucking disgusting.

well, I sort of suspect the people right next to me as the perpetrators of these inconsiderate acts, since these incidents started to occur since they moved in a few months ago. Yesterday, the building manager distributed notices to the residents on my floor warning us that the ones who violate the rules will be charged for the extra clean if this does not stop. And this morning, I found 4 or 5 of these notices on or at the door step of the unit next to mine. I guess there were others with the same suspicion.

I really don't understand how hard it is to follow some simple guideline to throw away your trash in a manner that makes this place livable for everyone. I don't want to accuse anyone without evidence, but I hope to catch the trash that can't handle trash.

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