Sunday, December 20, 2009

duck breast

I wanted to get a few duck leg and try the duck ham recipe in the David Tanis' more recent book - a platter of figs and other recipes. But the poultry shop I usually shop at in chinatown did not have legs for sale today by themselves. In an indecisive moment, I got a whole duck instead. It was a smallish peking bird, and at $15, not bad, and I figure I will get two meals out of the breast, two meals out of the legs, and save the bones to make soup later.

the breasts on these guys are not nearly as plump as the ones on Muscovies that are served at up scale places, but still, it is duck breast, and when you don't fuck it up, it is pretty fucking delicious. Well, it was more medium than medium rare (it is hard to properly sear anything, if you don't feel like setting off the smoke alarm in a small apartment), and I should have let it rest longer before I cut into it. But oh boy, I am happy right now.

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