Saturday, December 26, 2009

duck ham and lentils

As promised, I attempted the duck ham and lentils from David Tanis' book (menu 23). what is funny was that on christmas eve (after I already brined my duck legs), I ate roasted duck at this dude Sanjay's house (part of a supposedly traditional Czech holiday meal, fantastic), so this is a lot of duck within a week, not that I am complaining.

the duck leg took longer to brown in the oven than I thought (still not that brown when I ate it), so the lentils were a bit overcooked. but the duck was delicious, very tender, if not overly complex in taste (mildly salty, rich), as a nice country ham would be. I started the meal with a salad of pig ears and radish, not exactly what Tanis' described for this meal, but a bit easier.

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