Sunday, December 20, 2009


it is not often at all that I get to drink wines as old as this. Older vintages are typically very expensive retail, simply because cheap wine is not usually worth aging and it cost money to keep wine around for a lone time.

but I spotted this at a LCBO a while ago for around $30 I snatched a bottle right away, and while I usually drink red on saturday nights, I decided to open this last night for reasons that now elude me.

I had no idea how LCBO came up with this, and with older wine there is always more of a chance that the bottle is fucked, but fortunately not in this case. The wine was still very fresh, still have plenty of fruit to balance the formidable acidity in it, and the sweetness that often distract in a young Spatlese is now much much more subtle, this was very enjoyable.

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