Saturday, September 19, 2009

what is for dinner -3 (and go huskies)

fuck yeah, fuck USC.

A salad of green beans, peach, parsley, and sheep's milk feta cheese. pretty good, but I should have remembered to add a little mustard, as is (even with garlic), the flavor was a little muted.

then a decent size pork chop, small yukon gold potatoes cooked in duck fat, and sauteed brussel sprouts. Satisfying dish, if very conventional/boring in a meat, starch and veg sort of way. Not surprisingly (not to me), the brussel sprouts was the best part. I am pretty convinced that this vegetable tasted best after it is sliced, thinly, then cooked quickly. Garlic, chili, and a squirt of lemon juice or good sherry vinegar help bring along the cabbage sweetness/bitterness quality that I enjoy.

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