Saturday, September 19, 2009

what is for dinner - 2

everyone wants to be a critic, that is why sites like yelp is so popular. But having an opinion does not make a person a critic. Hell, the long time food critic at the SF Chronicle, Bauer, writes some of the worst restaurant reviews ever. I read them online still even though I don't live there anymore, for the train wreck qualities his columns seem to ooze . Of course, I probably can't do any better than he does.

but just for fun, I am going to start writing critiques of my dinners, and since I cook most of my meals, I will be trying to picking on myself. I wish I could come up with a better title than 'what is for dinner', them I remember for years at the lab at UCSF, Duan use to say 'what is for lunch', to no one in particular, at like 10:30 am. so 'what is for dinner' has a familiar stupid funny quality to it, at least for me.

last night I had noodles with braised pig's feet. I was so hungry that I didn't remember to take a photo until I was half way through. The greens in the soup (baby mustard) was cooked for too long and didn't provide any freshness contrast that you sometimes want in a soup or braised dish. I really liked these thick fresh noodle from China town. The pigs feet were great, essentially falling apart, although I know some like them to be just a little big chewy. With the temperature dropping to 50F in the evening, a hot bowl of noodle was a very good dinner indeed.

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