Monday, June 01, 2009

support the home team

was just listening to the radio, the governor of michigan was on, urging people to buy american cars, 'support the home team', if you will.

although it may seem sort of stupid to buy inferior product while paying the same price, but I sort of understand the argument, even if it is sort of futile,

think about it, the chicago cubs sucked for a long time (and continue to suck), they get better from time to time but ultimately has been proven to be a constant fucking disappointment for decades and decades. Yet the good people of chicago continued to spend their hard earned dollars for tickets, jerseys, beers and shots (oh you need those when you are a fan of a shitty team, trust me, as a mariners fan, I know) to support their team, home team. Despite the for sale sign, I believe the cubs is a sustainable business, even though they have been delivering inferior products for ages.

but I guess it is different when it is afternoons in the ball park in the summer as compare to something that you have to depend on everyday to get you to work etc.

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