Friday, May 08, 2009

what can possibly be in there, part II

I don't know why I pay attention to this sort of shit, but I do. The size of woman's hand bags are getting out of control, seriously, some of them are as big as the duffel bag I use when I go on trips. On top of that, they are all shiny and got more metal hardware hanging from it than a construction workers tool belt.

this really begs the question, why in the hell do girls need a bag so big, for just walking around, shopping, hanging out or what not. These things are not like backpacks (I am still trying to figure out what are in those giant backpacks on the back of small girls).

and since there is no way they are used for utility, then the next question is, do they look good? the answer is pretty self evident, fuck no. and I am afraid to ask how much they cost.

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