Saturday, May 31, 2008


should have posted this a little earlier, since spring is almost over.

in san francisco, there really weren't seasons, it gets a little colder in december and january and rains, fog is definitely thicker in the summer months (there is no summer), and you have about two weeks of warmth some where between september and earlier october, other than that, it is always like 55-65, with a chill in the wind from the ocean.

in toronto, I guess there are actually four seasons, and it is reflected by what you see in the stores, I am starting to see that. some say asparagus and fava beans signaling the arrival of the spring, well, as far as canadians are concern, fiddlehead fern belongs in that group.

I have seen them a few times over the years in san francisco and seattle, but they are in markets everywhere in toronto, if simply blanched and then sauteed, they taste a little like asparagus, a little like okra, but it is pretty unique, you have to try them for yourself. I don't love them like I do fava beans, but I would certainly cook them and eat them from time to time, when they are still around.

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