Sunday, May 25, 2008

big difference

I touched on this a little before, hate to revisit it again, but after a couple glasses of wine, my judgement is not sound.

we all know the chinese communist party has done a lot of bad, on all fronts, and what is being talked about the most is their human rights record and violations. I will say this one more time, I am not defending their actions at all, if you know what my family has gone through because of the rise of the communist, you will understand there is no way I identify with those fucks.

but if you look at the earth quake rescue efforts by the chinese government, and compare that to the debacle in the wake of hurricane katrina, the differences are night and day. while people in america stand on soap boxes and say all the shit about human rights, freedom and democracy, it doesn't appear americans can take care of their own people when it counts. And this is not about voting, or even healthcare, what we are talking about is a life and death situation.

We live in an age of asterisks, there should be an asterisk next to the 'human rights' that has been touted by American government that people in America supposedly enjoy, the asterisk is that you are entitle to all the rights you want, as long as you can afford it, for the rest of you poor souls, best of luck, especially when a storm is coming.

(actually there should be a double asterisks, human rights are also only enjoyed by people who can not possibly be suspected of being connected to terrorist; if there is any doubt, even if there is no prove, then kiss your 'rights' goodbye)

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