Sunday, May 18, 2008

good dog

I often hesitate to buy sausages when I see them in the stores. don't get me wrong, I love good sausages, not only they taste fucking awesome when it is well made, it is one of those foods that seem to transcends culture, geographical boundary and time. you think about it, almost any notable culinary traditions has some sort forced/ground meat stuff into animal intestine. These things then can be eaten fresh, or smoked, cured, preserved somehow for later. It is one of those inventions that I would rank amongst things like wheels, paper, etc...

The reason why I don't usually buy them is because I often end up disappointed. I made and cooked sausage when I worked for don in seattle ( What makes his product great is because he doesn't cut corners, fresh ground meat, real casing, well tested recipes, and it helps that he does a brisk business, so everything is always fresh. It sounds simple, but it is not what you always get in the stores. The store bought shit have additives, they are too fat or too lean, textures can be mushy, flavor is off, even the good looking links you see in wholefoods are not that great, and they cost a lot.

there are couple of stands in the farmers market at st. Lawrence market on saturdays offers home made sausages, I tried a bite of sample from a portable grill they had setup, and it wasn't bad, in fact, pretty damn good. So I bought a couple of the lamb/rosemary links and cooked one of them in my skillet for lunch (bread is an unnecessary distraction, just mustard, sometimes). I enjoyed it, although it didn't have as much lamb flavor as I expected, it may not have been 100% lamb, since it cost a lot more than pork. And it really wasn't cheap, either, two 1/3 pound (maybe a little bigger) cost me $5, shit if I have a garage, I I will start my own business on the side selling this shit.

but I don't, my whole apartment is probably the size of a one car garage. so I guess you have to pay good money for good shit when you can't make it yourself.

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