Wednesday, April 30, 2008

first taste of canadian way

most people think canada is not that different from united states, for good reasons. But after a couple of weeks, I am starting to get a feel that there are fundamental differences between the two, especially in how work is being done.

a package was sent to me, from a place that is one hour away from me, on monday afternoon, it is supposed to get here first thing in the morning, tuesday. It is being handled by a company not unlike UPS or fedex.

it is wednesday morning, I still don't have the package, supposedly they made three attempts yesterday, but according to their record, the customer was "closed'. I live in a condo building, there is a dude (sometimes a woman) at the front desk 24 hours a day. This is a fucking residence, it is never "closed". I tried to explain this over the phone to them, but I failed miserably. My effort to assure that this thing will be in my hands today someway, somehow, is not working either.

am I suppose to wait outside the door all day, so my fucking building is not "closed".

from my past experience with company like UPS, they will connect you directly to the driver, let you work out kinks like this, to ensure that delivery such as this is done. I guess that sort of flexibility in customer service is not known in these parts.

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