Friday, September 21, 2007


when I was in Philippines, I saw this fastfood joint called jollibee everywhere, they serve a weird mix of shit, they got spaghetti, they god fried chicken (they called this 'chickenjoy', for reasons I don't care to speculate), they serve hot dogs, they also serve burgers. What is even more fucked up, they serve steamed rice with gravy as one of the side dishes, along with fries, corn, the usual crap.

they open one of this things on 4th st., which I walk down everyday. I went there yesterday to get some chicken. It wasn't bad, chicken was sort of juicy, skin sort of crisp, but it was missing something compare to the chicken I usually get at popeyes. for one thing, it was not spicy, another thing I figure out was that on my way out, I saw a sign saying that their fried food have 0g of transfat. aw ha, no wonder it was not as good.

one thing I do think they are doing it right though, they actually charge you more if you want white meat, so you get legs and thighs unless you ask and paid more for a breast. When it comes to fried chicken, I prefer legs over breast, but this certainly isn't necessary the case when it comes to some other ..... in case you are wondering.

I don't eat out that often, but next time I feel lazy and want to eat shit, I might go back and try some Philippine spaghetti, with rice on the side.


Anonymous said...

I walked by there the other day and wondered what was up with that place. WTF is their mascot-looking thing?

pofu said...

it is a stupid bee, I think