Monday, February 12, 2007


about a week ago, I hurt my tounge eating pizza. I was obviously drunk, and I can't tell you what happened exactly, but about a 1.5cm by 1cm area worth of skin on my tounge was missing. I think I have fairly high tolerance for pain, I have had multiple oral sugeries, and each time, I got through it with very minimum help from pain killers (some of my friends love the leftovers). But this was something else, I went about four days without anything, and it just healed very slowly. I don't care what people say about how tissues in your mouth supposedly regenerate faster than any other tissue in you body, it didn't happen to me. For one thing, it is moving all the time (I eat a lot and talk a lot), and it is always covered by liquid, how a wound is going to heal under that condition? I can't describe how much it hurt.

in a way, I think I was getting punished for something, I can't really pin-point what exactly I am getting punished for, however, there are just too many possibilities.

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Anonymous said...

Badass picture idea: You sticking your tongue out at the camera, displaying the patch of skin missing, thus showing how tough you are. I think we are punished enough everyday by welfare's presence. I think this was just an accident.