Tuesday, February 06, 2007

delfina petite

on a sunday a few weeks ago, I had a early dinner at the pizza place opened by the people of delfina restaurant (right next door) in the mission. It was one of those sunday that drinking started at like 12:30pm with a couple bloody marys and just went down hill from there, fast. I think delfina is a perfectly fine neighborhood restaurant, but like a couple of other places in the mission I like, it has just gotten way too much press, hype and frequent by yuppies. Prices are inching higher, it is all but impossible to get a table not at 5:30pm or 9:45pm unless you call a couple of weeks before. All that makes this small pizza joint even more enticing. No reservation allowed, you walk in and put your name on the chalk board, it actually feels like a neighborhood place. I am not the biggest fan of pizza, somehow, I have been eating a lot of them lately. The pies here were perfectly okay, but what I like the most were the array of small and extremely simple appetizers, like the spicy cauliflower with capers (soup and salad too). There were five of us, so we tried just about everything on the small menu. Nothing was spectacular, but at these prices (not cheap, but with what every other place is charging in the mission, not that bad), it was fine, and perfectly enjoyable. This sort of casual and relaxed dinning should really be common place in this neighborhood (like front porch), but it seems these days, pretension and all the fucking yuppies are getting in the way.

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