Monday, January 15, 2007

old and fearless

last week we celebrated my fearless leader's (matt) birthday at our friend kevin's B restaurant in old town Oakland. Joel and Neil also joined us for dinner. Taking over the kitchen about a month ago, our friend saman tuned out some outstanding dishes. The pizzas from the wood-fire oven were way better than what we had at A16 just couple of weeks ago. The raw scallops with blood orange, micro basil and serrano chili remind me of the raw beef dish you can get at some vietnamese restaurant, flavors were wonderfully balanced, I, again, can go on and on, but I am tired.....

We had so much food and wine that I could not finish my game hen, and I barely touched the cheeses that came after. We really had a great time (although matt looked rather serious in this picture, I guess that happens when you get old), just talking shit and eating and drinking. And thanks to kevin for sponsoring a good chunk of the evening, this one didn't hurt too much.

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