Friday, January 12, 2007


To boost the morale of our research group, we took a little field trip to this super ghetto supermarket in the Mission called FoodsCo yesterday. This place is awesome, they sell shit you wouldn't see in the regular stores, shit most white people wouldn't think of buying much less consuming. We always see people on crack and doing weird shit either in the store or in front of it. We go mostly for the entertainment, and the low price on soda. There is a bargain bin full of low price goodies that were either a little damaged or opened. There are cup of noodle for like 10 cents, jump ropes for 99 cents, scary brands of cereal for like 1.50 a box, shit like that. The prize of the lot was this box of wine tape together with some freezer bag, I am not quite sure of the logic to sell these two items together, but this entire place doesn't make a whole lot of sense anyway. Actually, I am not really making any fucking sense right now either, I have a really bad hangover, or maybe I am still drunk, I can never figure out which is the case.

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Anonymous said...

I think the bags are there in case you don't have wine glasses (which if you are buying wine-in-a-box from FoodsCo, you probably don't). You can pour the wine in the baggies and then snip off the corner and drink from it.