Tuesday, September 12, 2006

that ain't fuck news

I think it is fucking stupid when you watch network TV news and they interview someone on the street. Sometimes they get someone who is completely incoherent and doesn't even understand the question, sometimes they get someone who is so fired up they get emotional and start crying. Although these are good unintentional comedy at times, they got to be the most useless part of any TV news, ever. Give me some facts, non of these bullshit. A tree hugging liberal who hasn't showered in three days telling me that bush is an idiot on TV is telling me something I don't know? Or a guy with shotgun rack on his truck telling me that we should bomb the shit out of Iran is turning me into a supporter for more military action in middle east? negative and negative.

The bottom line is, these fucking tv interviews of a few people on the street is a grosely under sample of what is really going on here in this country. this fucking place is becoming so divided on so many different issues, that elections are decided not by who is the best person for the job, but by who the people agree with more on these fucking issues that are mostly irrelevent for most of the people (like guns, abortion or gay marriage, what are the percentage of the population being effected by gay people not getting married, compare to the percentage of people being effected by the war?).

Of course, I am just rambeling on things you already know, what I am trying to say is, if more people just understand the principle of nowarmsoda, and practice the seven virtue, I don't think I would be bitching about these things.

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