Wednesday, September 13, 2006

duan for president

although I just graduated this summer, I still see myself as sort of part of the bioengineering group here at ucsf/ucb, since I am now stayiing here as a postdoc. So we have this retreat every fall, all the students attend. And we make like a t-shirt for it. This year, we have a contest for t-shirt logo. Everyone vote on the entries and the winner will be put on the t-shirts. But somehow, one of the shittiest design won this shit (I don't have a picture of that logo, but if I go take a dump and take a picture for you, that will be what the logo look like).

So we decided (me and my friend curly hair) to make our own t-shirts. and here what we got:

link: duan for president

At the retreat last year, I tried to nominate duan for president of our student association, but it was shut down by couple of douche-bags because he was then already a postdoc, not a graduate student. I thought it was fucking bogus, since he would have been a great dictator we all want.

If you also want one of these t-shirt, please let us know by this friday (9/15/06)

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