Thursday, September 14, 2006

front porch

so this dude I know who use to manage a really good restaurant around the corner from my friend matt's bar, kevin (not my friend kevin B, who opened boxed foods company, B oakland and will soon open B san francisco), recently just opened this place in the mission called Front Porch. On the day my religion was born, I went there to have our first gathering with some of my followers (curly hair, the columbian,...). The place is awesome, it is a cross between being homey and hip, and yes, it does have a front porch, complete with a few old rocking chairs.

it has just beer and wine right now, along side well chosen imported and local premium beers, it serves 24oz cans of bud and king cobra (for the stupid hipsters). We got there around five, when it was still empty, but by my third pint, the place was packed by both older couples with kids having a nice supper in the neighborhood, and hipsters who are looking for the next 'cool' place no one else knows about. He is got all his bases covered.

You can't go wrong with a menu that has fried chicken, chicken liver with onions, AND heirloom tomato. Here is me taking a huge bite of the awesome chicken liver/carmalized onion/toast. It was stupid how good it was.

I wish kevin all the success (I think he is already there), the only down side of this place in my view are the hipsters.

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PP said...

Let's go hipsterhunt there sometime. I mean with shotguns or something (a good portion of sarcasm works too.)