Thursday, April 06, 2006

What the fuck is that place called now?

One of my favorite day of the year, opening day of baseball season. Although the giants opened their season three days ago in san diego, today is their home opener. I can't believe this is their 7th opening day at the pac bell park, or sbc park, or is it now the at&t park, whatever. Thanks to the columbian, I was able to go to the park today and be part of it. The best part of the year started today and go until the end of the world series. Is it just me or andrew jones looked like he is way bigger than he was a couple years ago. He did hit 51 homeruns last year, is he on the bonds track.....who knows. He does wears #25.

My Mariners took two out of three from angles to start the season. I am just getting setup for another disappointment, I am sure. But, I don't give a fuck, baseball is here.

Really stupid and incoherent entries like this about baseball is going to appear at NOWARMSODA regularly for the next six months.

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Bonds should die said...

FUCK The Giants!!!!
Dodgers baby!
And write more.