Thursday, March 30, 2006

jim tropp

Dr. James Tropp is a brilliant scientist from GE that I have been working with a little in the last few years. He swears a lot, especially when things are not working. Some of his favorite expressions when things are not going well include: "what the fuck is this happy horseshit (he is talking to himself)" or "you fucking piece of shit (he is talking to the machine)". Needless to say, we get along pretty well. Yesterday we were doing some testing on this really complicate hardware setup for this new project we have been part of. And the piece of shit was just not working right. So I said to him: "this whole fucking thing will work when pigs fly." He replies without any hesitation: "then there will be pork on tree top." You might think it is kind of stupid (like I care) but I thought it was one of the funniest thing I ever heard. Well, bacon is not falling from the sky just yet.....


k*la said...


Dr. C13 said...

Too bad he doesn't use that eloquent kind of language to spice up our weekly lunch meetings...

newenglandgirl said...

i knew him many years ago. does he still say" "i'll be jiggered?!"

Anonymous said...

I knew him many years ago as well. Sounds like not much has changed. Ever the entertainer, that one.

Here's few more I enjoyed-
"Zat ees not my dog...."
"Ilegitemi non carborundum" (ie don't let the bastards grind you down, in the vulgar tongue)
"Well, I'm gettin to be a pretty old guy..."
"That shit is NBS clean"

and by far my all time fav-

"rrrrright in the crack of the ass!" (upon achieving 40+ dB of return loss)

If you see the old curmudgeon, ask him how Tropp's inferno is coming along...

Kevin D