Monday, November 07, 2005

mutated green apple

This being nowarmsoda, I guess I should probably talk about soda once in a while. So I am staying late today to finish some work, and I really wanted a soda. But at our new ucsf campus, located in fucking middle of nowhere, I would have to walk probably 5 to seven blocks for anything. But my generous friend who I call curly hair came to the rescue. She has either diet pepsi or this new mountain dew energy drink called amp. No offense to curly hair and other diet pepsi drinkers out there, but being diet, and being pepsi is like being red headed step child, even if it is ice cold, there are just too many things wrong with that.

That left me with the energy drink. Every since red bull become popular, there are like 83 different energy drinks on the market now. I don't really drink them, I stick with coffee usually. Anyway, so I tried a can of this shit, and it tasted to me like soda made with mutated apple. I know it probably contain 0% of any natural ingredient, so it has nothing to do with apple. And I don't even know what mutated apple tasted like. But, don't ask me why, it was just my first reaction. Maybe it has something to do with it being neon green...... at least it was not warm.

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You done a sighting on where we are?