Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Holy cow!

I am not really big on halloween, it is one of those thing that is fun maybe once every ten year or so, for me. The last time I dressed up for halloween was back in college, I was a drunk and abusive clown. It was a pretty good time. I can't tell you the next time I will be dressed up for halloween, I have no idea. I do however have a really good costume ready (given to me by my good friend kirstin) when that day does come.

Anyway, let me get to the point here. I found myself in castro last night, walking around, totally wasted, checking out people's stupid outfits. Then I saw the hottest halloween costume ever, I mean ever. Two really hot girls (well, they looked hot to me with my already clouded vision), one dressed up as a slutty milk maid, the other one .... you can see, she is not really 'dressed up'. I am not sure if she was wearing anything at all. I think she had a rope around her neck and her friend was walking her. When you call someone a cow, it usually imply something negative, but in this case, this cow is fucking hot.

I am totally surprised I actually manage to take this picture with my phone under my condition at the time. I am not big on pictures either, but this one was worth the trouble.

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