Thursday, November 10, 2005

$3.75 for a slice of combination

Last night at around 2am, walking out of a bar with my friend JC, a homeless dude approached us. He claimed that he was really hungry, he needs some money to get something to eat. So JC reached into his pocket and gave him some lose change. I gave the dude a dollar bill. As we started to walk away, he followed us and ask us for another dollar. I looked at him, slightly puzzled, said "I gave you a fucking dollar". He goes, "but a slice of combination pizza from the place up the street cost $3.75, I only got $2.75 total". He was counting his changes while he was talking to us. Did I miss something? Some kind of recent development in our civilization? When did it all begin that good will and kindness requires exact change?
I know a lot of these homeless people didn't become homeless by choice, and it is tough to go through what they are going through. But what the fuck? Do they go to the homeless shelter and get all pissy if the bed is too hard? Or do they make a scene at the soup kitchen if they are not getting enough good protein in their diet?

The only thing any homeless person is getting from me from now on is a warm soda, that will teach them a lesson.....or is that just too cruel?

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