Tuesday, October 25, 2005

bloody good (and bad)

I am really not a cocktail kind of guy. I will have a gin and tonic occasionally when I am really thirsty, and a white russian when I go bowling sometimes (for obvious reason). But most of the time, I drink wine, beer or whisky. That being said, a good bloody mary on sunday morning is just refreshing. However, anything close to being a decent bloody mary is like impossible to find. Fortunately, at Zuni, in san francisco, they make a great bloody mary. It started with balsamic, minced shallot, tomato juice (not from a can), freshly ground black pepper, and of course, shit load of vodka, serve in a pint glass. It is simple, it is not fancy, but everything they use is always fresh. It is delicious.

Here comes the down side. You have a couple of these at around 3 in the afternoon, and you start to wake up and feel better. Oh, you should be taking it easy on sunday after not getting home until 5 in the morning. But no, next thing you know, you are eating an aged new york steak with a bottle of 96 bordeaux at your friend's restaurant in oakland. A few pints of beers while watching a baseball game later, there is just no turning back. Finally, you find yourself drinking single malt at god knows where. Complete disaster. And you are suppose to be at your work on Monday morning at 8:30 for some fucking meeting.

well, I think you get the idea how good bloody mary can be a bad thing.

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