Tuesday, November 29, 2005

when disaster strike!!!

I don't know what the deal is, every year around this time, I drink a lot more than usual. I mean, I drink a lot to begin with, and I know it is not good. But somehow, the holidays just brings it out even more. For those who have known me for a while probably knows this little trend, god knows I have done some stupid shit when I had a little too much, and they usually happen in november or december. maybe this would be a good time to go to seattle and win the drunk of the week award, only if I have the time.

So yeah, disaster happened last night again. Long story short, I left my keys in my computer bag, and left my computer bag in the columbian's car. I don't remember how I got into my building, but I was about to kick down my own door, when my nice neighbor came to the rescue. Somehow he convince me to crash at his place before I break the door or myself. well, needless to say, I owe him big time, the disaster could have easily been much much bigger than it was.

thanks, louis

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