Friday, October 21, 2005

How about a benefit of some sort for prostate cancer

I walk through union square (in San Francisco) every day on my way to work. About once or twice a month, there will be tents set up in there for some kind of event. This weekend is the nike marathon for women, in an attempt to raise money for breast cancer research. I know breast cancer is a big clinical problem, and lots of women suffer because of it. And I am all for this kind of events for raising money for research and shit.

But how about prostate cancer? I don't know the exact statistics, but I bet if you go to the NCI website, it will tell you that just about as many men get diagnosed with and die from prostate cancer per year as women get diagnosed with and die from breast cancer. So where is my celebrity giving passionate speeches and donating money to hospitals? Where is my corporate sponsor holding events like this to raise money for research? Although I don't play golf, how about a golf tournament with bunch of rich old white dudes and famous people to generate some cash and publicity for prostate cancer.

I don't really know the answer to this disparity, and I would like to know. My guess is that prostate is just not as attractive as breast, people are more interested in breast than prostate.


k*la said...

Just to highlight your point - if you type in "prostate cancer benefit" into google it returns 412 results. If you type in "breast cancer benefit" you get over 33,000. How's that for disparity.

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