Friday, September 23, 2005

drunk of the week

It is probably true that every big city have a couple of those free weekly papers. Here in san francisco, there is the sf weekly, and the guardian. In seattle, there is the seattle weekley and the stranger ( Although it has been like 4 years since I move here from seattle, I still read the stranger sometimes online. By far my favorite column, which didn't exist when I was living there, is this little thing called drunk of the week. Every week, they had some person going around town to bars or parties, to find someone who is completely wasted, doing some stupid and funny shit. The column really is nothing more than a picture of the drunk, and a caption.

Considering how much I drank and how much stupid shit I have done while intoxicated when I was living in seattle, I could have been in this column on a regular basis. But talk is cheap, I have made it my personal goal that next time I am in seattle (hopefully soon), to be the drunk fuck in that column for that week. Did I mention that you get 10 bucks and a t-shirt saying drunk of the week if you qualify to be drunk of the week.

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