Wednesday, September 21, 2005

facing the reality blows

I have been out of college for about five years now, although I am still in school, but unfortunately, I think I am part of the "real world" now. I thought I could prolong the careless daze and confused days by staying in school, but that turn out not to be exactly the case. Being a graduate student is pretty much like having a job, a really low paying one at that.

And when you work, it usually involves working with other people. I have never really had problems getting along with people in general. But most of these interaction happened in social settings. If I am in a bar, and I don't feel like talking to the fucker that is talking to me, I move on. If I am at a really lame party, and I don't feel like hangout with anyone there, I leave. And I have been lucky that at almost all the random jobs I have had working through college, people have been pretty cool. But at a real job, like the job that may have something to do with your future, things are a bit different. So if I am working on a project with some really annoying jackass, I can't really be like, "I don't like you, jerkoff, I am out of here", becuase it is work, and shit needs to get done. Of course I can quit my job as a graduate student and just smoke. But I don't really want to do that. So when this situation happens, it really totally sucks.

I guess that is the reality one has to face if one wants to live within the society. But still, it blows, almost as hard as warm soda.

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