Tuesday, June 28, 2005

you don't want to stand too close to me right now.......

I really don't know who started it all, I think it might have been gordon biersch a few years ago, but garlic fries are everywhere now. The first time I had it was like five years ago, when I visited the then pac bell park in san fransisco for the first time. I thought it was awesome. It is not often to get fries that actually tasted like anything other than just starch. Also, I really hate ketchup (not as much as warm soda, however), and a lot of places don't season their fries that well, probably because they assume all the stupid fucks are going to drawn them in ketchup anyway. Anyhow, ever since then, I have noticed garlic fries being sold everywhere, at least the bay area.

I was in santa cruz the last couple days for a small conference. On sunday night, a few of us went to a couple local dives for some beers after some really really cheap wine at dinner. After my judgement became impaired, I saw a restaurant across the street advertise that they have the best fries on their window. This place is pretty weird, it looks like a dinner, in a hippie but also star trek-ish sort of way, just can't really describe it or remember it that well. I got an order of garlic fries to go, paying 50 cent extra for some jalapenos. The fries came in a paper box probably made with recycle paper. They were a little soggy, but they were also really fucking good. I said there were at least 20 cloves of chopped up garlic in there, plus a shit load of jalapeno. We finished the whole box of it on the side walk in like 35 seconds.

I am sorry this is becoming a long and boring blog. But the next day, oh my god, I and anybody who come closer than three feet of me paid the price of me eating those fries. I was a walking exhaust, it was fucking disgusting, just a complete disaster. I want to apologize to the people that were unfortunate enough to be around me on that day. Next time when I am drunk, no more jalapeno garlic fries, maybe just thai food, like usual.

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GC (God's Child) said...

haven't seen garlic fries in new york but still sounds like it was worth the loneliness the next day. Maybe I'll try to make some.