Thursday, June 02, 2005

to do list is gay

A couple of weeks ago, I hurt my back, it was one of the most humbling experience for me in the last few years. It makes me feel old. Also, I really feel my memory has started to go little by little since I have been out of the college. The reality of aging (or brain cell death) is setting in now. But I will kill myself if I turn into one of those jackasses with their to do list or their daily schedule on their PDA bullshit. What the fuck happens if you lose your to do list and you can't remember what is on there? And besides, see these items that would be on my to do list if I ever have one, and you will realize how useless and queer a to do list is:

toothlesschinaman's to do list:
1. nothing
2. not a whole lot of anything
3. sitting around and talk shit
4. checking baseball scores (skip between november-march)
5. more of nothing
6. making no effort to graduate from school
7. nap
8. get wasted

As you can see, all the things that will be on my to do list I do them instinctively anyway, again, a to do list fucking usless and stupid, like a warm soda.

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