Friday, July 01, 2005

you don't want to stand too close to me right now.....part II

So the self-destructive behavior continued earlier today. I had one of my best idea in like 2 and half years. Instead of bringing my own lunch today, I rounded up some folks from work and headed down to the Mission for some popeye's fried chicken. For those of you know me a little, I fucking love fried chicken, if there is a better way to eat chicken, I don't know it. If you use TV programs as an analogy, eating grilled chicken breast is like watching C-SPAN and eating a fried drum stick is like watch south park, much more enjoyable and satisfying.

So six pieces (one breast, two thighs, two wings and one drum stick, spicy) and few cups of iced cold coke and fanta (when was the last time anyone drank this shit?) later, I feel really really good. But there is probably grease coming out of my pores right now. I need a nap, a shower, maybe a bypass also. And in a couple of hours, I probably need to do something else that is not going to be pleasant.....don't stand to close to me.....


duan xu said...

just so everyone knows, this site is run by a fuckin beerglar... whats that? somebody that shows up at parties and leaves with beer that other people brought.

popeye's good chicken though. get some sides next time though, or you might just turn into a chicken.

oh yeah and fuck south park that show sucks.. i am way funnier than that

Anonymous said...

who the hell posted that shit as me? that is not cool. you freaking piece of shit.