Thursday, May 12, 2005


Yesterday was one of those good days that you only have once in a while. Everything went the way we wanted. Early afternoon, we walk straight into the guest only pool area of this nice boutique hotel down in south beach called Delano. Spend about 100 bucks in cocktails by the pool, got more tanned, chilled in the water, and saw some extremely hot girls, it was so awesome, that even after the sun went down, we didn't want to leave.

A short nap later, we went to dinner at nobu, which is in a hotel called shoreclub. It was another one of those really nice hotel on the beach. beach chairs are replaced with couches at night, good looking people lounging around, drinking 12 dollar cocktails. I have heard good things about nobu before, but still not so sure about these tpye of fine dinning chain and big name celebratity chef who is never in the kitchen anymore. I was very pleased with the meal, the food was of course way over priced, but every dish was excuted well, with super fresh everything. The wine list was not that great, with everything way over the top for price even for restaurant standard. Still, it was one of the better meal I have had in recent months, great food that make you over look everything else that was not so great.

Meeting some people at this club called mansion. We weren't sure if we will get in, but the cabby came through with couple of wrist band, not only they got us into the club, they got us into the VIP section. It was money. anyway, the night ended in a fairly perdicteable way, getting wasted, stumble back to the hotel at around 5.

it was such a good day, sort of make up for the fiasco on the way here.......

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