Saturday, May 07, 2005

you guys are going to behave yourself, right?

ok, I admit it, there are a lot of things I don't know. And one of those things is that apperantly american airline has a policy that you have to check in half and hour before your flight. Not having this little piece of knowledge created a little bit of a problem on our way to miami on friday afternoon. Arriving at the SFO at 12:40pm for a 1pm flight was not going to cut it accroding to the nice lady at the check-in counter. She check us in for the next flight at 9pm. We check in our bags. So instead of getting in miami in the early evening, we would not be getting there until like 6am the next morning, and that is just not cool. Taking the columbian's lead, we somehow got onto our original flight, without our bags (was this kosher? we wonder). The nice lady at the terminal, some how had the impression that we were intoxicated. She let us on the plane, but followed us to our seats, and wanted us to promise her that we will behave. We reluctantly agreed, and proceed to drink four or five miller lite each and some air plane bottles of Jack. We arrived in miami, in good spirit, without our bags.

The consquence of this was that we just had to stay up all night the on our first night here in the great city of miami, go back to the airport at five in the morning, coughing up 60 clams round trip taxi fair, to get our bags, which amazingly arrived on time, on the 9pm flight from SFO. By the way, here is something else I did not know, burger king's breakfast sandwich at 5:30 in the morning at the airport was surprisingly tasty, wash down with, what else, ice cold cola.

p.s. warm soda blows

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