Saturday, September 17, 2016

moon cake

It is the mid-autumn festival this week.  Traditionally people gift and eat moon cake, a flaky and lardy pastry usually filled with some sort of sweet paste and sometimes duck egg yolk.  The store bought ones is typically decorative and comes in nice boxes.  These things are almost always too sweet for me.

My grandma used to make a version filled with ground pork.  I don't know if anyone in my family actually knows how to make them now.  So even if I am home around this time of the year I probably wouldn't get to eat them.  For some unknown reason, I was compelled to make these myself this year.  I didn't search very long until I find this recipe.  It looks similar to my grandma's except maybe thicker.  The recipe was quite easy to follow because of the nice photos.

Like almost all things in life, you don't really appreciate them until they are gone.  These moon cakes were quite good, but it is not possible for them to be as good as the ones I remembered, even if they are.

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