Friday, June 21, 2013

toronto hotdogs

While the food truck / street food scene has exploded in some north American cities such as Portland and San Francisco, things are still pretty dismal up here in Toronto.  What it does not lack is the number of hotdog and sausage vendors across the downtown core.  They are just everywhere, I walk past at least 5 of them from my apartment to the subway station.  While these stands seem to be run by independent operators, it is weird they all sell the same shit, I just figured they all get them from Sysco or something like that.

Out on a stroll last Sunday, I walked past this little shop in the shadow of a big condo development downtown.

On the sign it says: 'hotdog and sausage - vendor and restaurant - whole sale - open to the public'.  Well, that is one random mystery sort of solved.  It is a bit strange that this shack didn't get gobbled up by all the developments all around it.  The hotdog and sausage business must be very good indeed.  

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