Sunday, November 25, 2012

yolk only

I am not into kitchen gadgets, I have mostly just the basic stuff beyond knives and pots and pans, things like a wire whisk, chinois, grater etc.  But when I used an egg separator while eating in a Yoshinoya (the Japanese fast food chain that serves mostly the beef over rice dish) in Koyto in 2010, I knew instantly I want one.  

Yoshinoya let you decide if you want the whole egg or just the yolk ..
Like anything else worth having in your kitchen, this thing is dead simple, well made and performed its task well.  I tried to find one during the few free hours I had in that city but did not prevail (apparently this device is too humble for the home section of a department store).  

I have since found egg separator at various online retailers of kitchen stuff, including Amazon, but what are offered are these shitty plastic things with unnecessary long handles.  I still just want the one I used in Japan.  So during this recent trip to Tokyo, I was determined to get one.  Thanks to the tip from Sanjay, I found them at shops in Kappabashi.  So now even with my clumsy hands, I can have a perfect yolk with my rice.  

Japanese breakfast for a simple dinner (kraut stands in for natto ..)

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That looks delicious! I love rice recipes and have found some of my favourite on Tilda's website