Thursday, November 22, 2012

Cheap food in Tokyo

Tokyo is no doubt one of the most expensive city in the world.  It is really easy to spend a lot of money there, fast.  Of course one can spend a small fortune on pristine and exotic seafood, fattiest and most tender slab of beef, and fine wine and liquor.  But it is also possible to eat well and not spend much at all.  Enough has been said about the ramen scene, but it is worth mentioning that most places charges around 800 yen ($10 at today's strong yen) or less, and the quality is generally quite high, with decent amount of care and time putting into the products even at the humblest shops.

one of my favorite on a recent trip there, Marusuke near Shinjuku station 

But it is not just ramen, other good meals like Japanese curry over rice, soba, and udon can all be found at low prices.  Even the food at fast food or semi fast food chains can be quite alright, and really cheap.   At this slightly nicer than fast food joint (ceramic bowls and plates instead of plastic), breakfast that consist of rice (free refill), raw egg (to go into the rice), miso soup, natto and a small piece of salmon cost $6.  And it is better and most likely better for you than most breakfast I can think of back here in north America (try getting that at a Denny's or an IHOP ..).

cheap breakfast in Tokyo

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