Saturday, October 20, 2012

$5 steak

I have read about flat iron steaks in magazines, and have seen them on restaurant menus from time to time, but rarely at butcher shops here, as they probably just end up being part of the chuck.  But at this newish butcher counter at the St. Lawrence Saturday market, selling 'pasture raised, no hormones' beef (plus some game, and pork, and sausages), has this cut for $9.99 / lb.  This is not cheap, but not bad for real grass fed stuff (stip loin for $19.99 / lb, comparable to what you see at most decent shops). The real question is, does it taste good?

The chunk of meat here cost me less than five bucks, and it is a beauty, super fresh.  Simply seasoned with salt and pepper and seared in a pan, the steak was really quite tender at rare - med rare (except for the thin streak of gristle down the middle that you can see) and full of nice beefy flavor.  Compared to similarly priced flank steak, I would get this every time, if available.  It was as satisfying beef eating as one can get for $5.


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