Wednesday, September 26, 2012

momofuku noodle bar toronto

there are probably tons of tweets, blog post, yelp reviews etc already on the new Momofuku Toronto, so this will be brief.  The ramen was a pale imitation of what is served at the NYC noodle bar, the noodle had barely any chew, the broth no depth and tasted slightly burnt/bitter.  Chicken in the chicken bun was dry and had little flavor, the pork bun on the other hand was really good.  I will certainly eat at the NYC noodle bar next time I am there, but I am not eager to go back to the one here in Toronto.  I understand some things are not easily duplicated and wasn't expecting it to be the the same, but I was certainly not expecting to eat a bowl of noodles frankly that was not good.  Sanjay put it rather well, 'if he was serving this bowl of noodle when he opened in NY back in the days, he will just be another Chang.'

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