Sunday, August 26, 2012

Korean thoughts

Couple of things on Korea.

It is not often that we see rice wine from Korea in the stores here.  So when I spotted this the other day I got a bottle to try.  At ~$10 for 375 ml, I wasn't expecting this to be good.  And it wasn't, it was just okay, a bit thick, not much flavor to speak of.  I wouldn't even say it was pleasant.

The other thing is the lawsuit filed by Apple against Samsung, charging that the Korean company had violated the design patents of Apple's smart phone and tablet.  While it is entirely possible that Samsung products may have been 'inspired' by the Apple ones a bit too much, and the jury had decided that was indeed the case, I really wonder if it is possible for Samsung to get a completely fair trial in the USA.  I mean, is it possible to find a jury consist of people that are entirely impartial on this matter, when an American giant is pitted against an very formidable upstart from the far east?  There were the Japanese firms, and now Chinese and Korean companies that are threatening the dominance of American ones in various industries, it is not far fetched to think that folks might be unconsciously against the foreigners.   I am not nearly smart enough to proposal a better way to judge this dispute, but I am not sure if a jury of Apple's peers (American people) was the best.

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