Wednesday, July 11, 2012

the summer of bus hell - part 2

what is the purpose of that weird tent?  
So it turns out that one of the reason we have to take buses up and down Spadina this summer is because the tracks at the Queen st. intersection are getting replaced.  And during the period (~2 weeks) that this work is being carried out, the buses have to detour to go around this place.  It seriously takes this clusterfuck up another level.

A random fact I learned in the paper yesterday, Queen and Spadina is one of the only three intersection in North America that have track based traffic going in all direction, and the streetcar can turn in any direction (other than taking a U-turn).  Wow, this is a big deal.  You have to admire the creativeness of Canadians for coming up with weird shit to make themselves feel special.

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