Saturday, April 02, 2011

hot corner

I heard about this spot from a comment on eatingasia's facebook page. so when I was in Singapore for a short business trip, I decided to check it out.

at this corner of Gaylang and lor 29, there are 5 businesses as far as I can tell. The one closest to Gaylang is selling a duck and rice dishes, going down the lor, you see the stall selling hokkien mee (福建麵), then there is a satay stall, a stall selling fried oyster/oyster omelet, and finally a stall selling drinks.

there are other corners like this on the Gaylang. In fact, I ate lor mee (滷麵)from a stall a couple of blocks away the night before because all the places here were closed by the time I got here. They are like mini hawker centers on street corners, while other corners are occupied by larger, single eating/drinking establishments.

Although it took me two trips to get to try the hokkien mee that I came for, it did not disappoint. While not much to look at, the dish has loads of flavor. Squid, shrimp and egg noodle in a light sauce (I think there were some crab elements in here, but no crab meat), worked over in a wok. The lady saw that I was by myself, asked if I wanted small or medium; I said medium, although I do not regret that one bit, had I left some room, I would have been able to try some oysters too.

I did order some pork belly satay from the stall next to the noodle stall. Grilled over charcoal, nicely charred at places , not fatty and ever so slightly chewy, it was fantastic. the overall flavor with the dipping sauce was a little too sweet for me, but I thought they were worth the premium over the regular pork satay (1 dollar vs 40 cent singapore dollar per skewer).

Judging from the quality of the noodles and the satay, I am definitely coming back to this corner next time I am in singapore to try the duck rice and the oysters.

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