Wednesday, February 03, 2010

barely a shack

One of my favorite meal during our trip to cambodia coast last summer was at this place in a residential neighborhood of Sihanoukville. The bellhop at the hotel recommended to us when I asked him about places he likes to eat at with his family. The restaurant is essentially tables and plastic chairs in a covered court yard, packed with locals. The kitchen is just bunch of burners sitting on the ground. The menu is simple, 4 or 5 dishes listed under each of the main proteins offered, this being a coastal town, majority of the offering came from the sea: crabs, prawns, squid, lobster, sea snails ....

Everything we ate were impeccably fresh, simply prepared with bold flavors common in less expensive places in these parts of the asia. And it was really inexpensive, we had grilled squid and prawns, stir fried sea snails, and a soup contained a few small, whole crabs, plus rice and couple of beers, the total came to about 8 us dollars. we didn't take any picture of the food, because we ate everything before I thought about pictures.

shit, the lunch I am going to get today at the sunnybrook hospital cafeteria is going to cost more than that, and dare I predict, not going to be nearly as good.

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