Saturday, January 30, 2010

SF chronicle suck

I used to read the SF chronicle in print when I lived there (Niles always gave me his copy after he was through), now that I live in the land of freezing ass cold, I still read it online periodically.

On their website, you are allowed to leave comments on every thing including news stories, reviews, commentaries, and of course blogs.

I read the food section more often than others, but I do think it is not serving the bay area residents and its food professionally properly. One of the biggest problem has long been the chief restaurant critic and editor, Michael Bauer. The disdain for his extremely subjective assessment of restaurants, his tireless and partial promotions for restaurants connected to people he knows, and his inability to provide sensible and thoughtful critique on anything beyond comfort food is universal for anyone work in service industry.

I have posted many critical comments on Bauer's reviews and blog posts, but I have been careful to keep the comments objective and avoid mere personal attack. But my account has recently been blocked by the chronicle for reasons that I don't quite understand. What is even more interesting is that he recently accused some of the posters on his blog as having psychological problems. WTF? Not only he is a horrible critic who can not take criticism, now he feels qualified to give out mental health advices? What do you think those hard working people of the restaurants that he blasted with undeserved and misguided negative reviews feel?

what is the most baffling aspect in all this is how the chronicle has trusted Bauer in this capacity of influence and power for so many years while he is obviously a train wrack that is happening over and over again in front of our eyes. It may be no surprise then to learn that the chronicle is itself in serious trouble.

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