Sunday, October 04, 2009

what is for dinner - liver

liver is good for more than pate, fresh chicken or calf's liver, when sauteed quickly so it is not overcooked, are delicious. A lot of places labeled regular beef's liver as calf's liver, when they are really big and deep burgundy, chances are, they are not liver from a calf. but when I saw these pale slices at one of the butcher at st. Lawrence market (a little pricey for liver, but not that bad), I knew what I wanted for dinner.

caramelized onion, potatoes cooked in shit load of butter, and a few slices of the liver made a fine, if completely unhealthy dinner. the liver spend maybe 30s too long in the pan, (they were thin), but still moist and soft. too lazy to make vegetable, since the onion, potatoes and liver already produced 3 dirty pans.

at some point I need to start watch out what I eat, but not just yet.

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