Wednesday, July 01, 2009

governors gone wild - time is changing

so the governor of south Carolina, Sanford, the dude who was banging a Argentinian lady behind his wife's back, is saying that he will stay in office. And I have not heard people being outraged by this.

everyone makes mistakes, sure, and sleeping with a lady that is not your wife is not a crime, but if someone capable of lying to his love ones (wife, sons, family), I think he is capable of doing that to the fine people of the state of south Carolina.

Clinton was impeached unsuccessfully when he was caught banging an intern, I am not saying Sanford needs to be impeached, but this thing feels like a non-issue compare to the mood back then.

I think it has to be said that if he was a democrat, the fox news and other conservative news outlet would be calling for his blood, and make a huge deal out of it. the reaction to Sanford's deed from the more liberal news media has been pretty tame in comparison to that scenario, perhaps they have more important things to report.

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